The production process of our delicious Olive Oil is handled by us, the Psomas familly.
With a three generation know how and passion for a quality product we can be proud of.

Every winter we are gathered as a group of seven people and start the  harvest.
Field by field the nets are being placed carefully and the olive trees harvested.
Twice a day we bring the olives to the mill so that they dont lie arround for a long period of time
and react with the oxygen (oxidate).

In the mill the olives are being washed and milled with clean inox mashines.
The process is cold pressed so that the healthy components dont get destroyed, wich requires a remarking 
increase in distilling time. After the olive oil is produced we take it to our bottling facility where it gets stored in big inox barels in order to be protected from the sun that burns some healthy components, the oxygen, plastic, etc untill
we get an order.